Who is kimora lee dating now

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Kimora Lee Simmons' daughter wore a gorgeous KLS original to her junior prom this weekend, and the proud mom made sure to document every moment as she sent her firstborn off to the dance. " she captioned one pic of Ming Lee and her boyfriend leaning against a black car. Kimora Lee revealed in another post that she made the dress specifically for her daughter but that the "Ming Ming" is part of her latest collection — so if you're drooling over Ming Lee's A prom look, it can be yours in the near future.

Kimora Lee posted a series of photos and videos on Instagram in which she revealed not only that she was responsible for designing Ming Lee's enviable prom dress, but also that she was incredibly emotional leading up to the big day. Ming Lee also shared several photos from prom night, including one of a series of three photo booth strips resting on top of her dress, with its "Kimora Lee Simmons" label proudly displayed.

Around PST, Kylie posted a statement on her Instagram page announcing that her daughter was born February 1st.

She added that she chose to keep her pregnancy out of the While many women were fawning over Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, you know, the one where she shaded football and UFC, many men were mad.

She went on to have two more baby boys in her next relationships.

Her ex-husband is the God-Father of her youngest son with her current husband Tim Leissner.

No, they weren’t mad because she dissed Donald Trump, or because she spent way too much time on stage.

And this isn't the first time Kimora Lee's fashion has been inspired by her kids.The Hello Kitty collection by Kimora Lee was expanded in 2008 with another collection of jewelry and watches being released in conjunction with the Zales Corporation.Kimora Lee Simmons was always vocal about wanting more kids after her marriage with Russell Simmons ended.She also authored a self-help book titled “Fabulosity: What It Is and How to Get It” in 2006 that focuses on helping women create outstanding lives in every area including finances.If designing, writing and being an overall boss are not enough accolades, Kimora Lee Simmons took things a step further by creating and launching highly popular feminine perfumes, including: Baby Phat Goddess, Golden Goddess, Seductive Goddess, Baby Phat Fabulosity, Luv Me and Baby Phat Dare Me.

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