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The first time ´I have heard this station on mediumwave, on SW Alcaraván is very regular. Quito 9/3 2004: 610.00 Radio Caravana, Quito(Ecuador) 96kb/45sec. This is former "Emisora Gran Colombia" that also was on shortwave many years ago. 1100.09 Radio Mil-Cien AM, SF de Bogotá(Colombia) 114kb/54sec. Quito 12/3 2004: 1069.96 Radio Libertad, Quito(Ecuador) 104kb/48sec. 1419.99 Radio Bahá'í, Otavalo(Ecuador) 128kb/60sec. I will later on put more recordings of Radio Cristal" on this age. Bjorn Malm: "My question is, the name of the station still is "Emisora Musical" or is it R. B or could it perhaps be the name/ID you can hear on my recordinhg = Radio Mil Cien AM? A station transmitting on 5990 k Hz, ID is on the recording, what more could it be than a spur from Radio Senado, Brasília on 5990 k Hz? Henrik Klemetz: "W-FM is a program from Caracol and Radionet is a "child" of Caracol". The other colombian station HJJV "La Vallenata" is on 979.98 k Hz with very weak signal. I will try to get a recording of La Vallenata - is a station with 95% music. 1510.39 Radio Monumental, Quito(Ecuador) 137kb/65sec. A station with transmitter problems - I heard them the same morning on 5993.21 k Hz. Instituto Radiofónico Fé y Alegria with education/school programs. Stations from our "puerto ppincipal" Guayaquil normally have very good sound quality. 1520.00 HJLI Ecos del Palmar, SF de Bogotá(Colombia) 132kb/63sec.

No ID on this recording and to be honnest, I have never heard this station with an ID. Henrik Klemetz: "Bjorn, Canal Tropical was on 930 k Hz around 1980-86. Listed station is "HJDC Caracol Música, Medellín(Antioquia)". I visited the station and the adress was the same: Edificio Gran Pasaje. (Thanks Henrik, first I thought it ws a jingel but "Canal Tropical" was he only ID on full/half hour/Bjorn) Quito 8/4 2004: 0790.00 HJ__ name? I´m sure it is a Medellín-station but last night I did not hear any Caracol-ID. Esta emisoras escuche hace 2 semanas, un solo dia, ahora nuevamente la misma transmision que escuchaste, saludos". Cultura Ondas Tropicais, Manaus(Brazil) 138kb 04/2004. I do not very often listen to brazilian stations but this one had a fine ID. The station has the frequency 1470 k Hz in their ID. Quito 27/4 2004: José Elías Diaz from Venezuela has an un ID station on 2390 k Hz. 5460.30 Radio Bolivar, Bolivar(Peru) 127kb 04/2004. Quito 1/4 2004: 4916.0v Radio Familiar Cristiana, inknown QTH(Colombia? On this 2nd recording of Radio Familiar Cristiana is the preacher, he was not on the first recording. 1469.97 HJTB Ondas de Ibagué, Ibagué(Colombia) 100kb 03/2004. 3 years ago I heard the station on its 2nd harmonic 2940.14 k Hz. Always on the same split, in Sweden often the strongest station 1470 together with Radio Vibración(never heard here in Quito. But if it is so what has happened with listed HJNT Armony Records, Cali? I do not hear many peruvians on mediumwave with good signal strenght but Radio Marañon is totally free without interference and with good signal.

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