The danger of dating on web

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When you read your script, your lines and the behavior of the characters present, did you approve of what you had written?

Im sick of this wasting the time of people as well as their money with this laziness.

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Our slogan is: Run your relationships; don't let them run you.

"The ABCs of Healthy Relationships" includes skill-building activities and value clarification exercises to help you develop healthy relationships. And the worst part it its only 80 minutes long, yet seemingly contains so much pointless trash. And alike the dude, shes just there..the time, messing up an otherwise interesting story. And thus I freaking hate seeing this poor execution. This is my subjective opinion of what I've seen and you can argue I might not like this specific approach and script writing. I found this movie's story offensive to what I consider and expect to be good, interesting, engaging and fulfilling story progression with proper, solid context leading it from Point A to Point B. I enjoyed the beginning reminding me of "We are the Night" with a twist. Instead we get so many annoying, pointless characters that get WAAY too much screen time like Tory Spelling, which surprised me. But her mother character here is so horrifically made that shes not just bothersome, but downright annoying as hell. Because one word I kept uttering whilst watching this cringey film, with its cringey characters and lines, plus rushed as hell phase from 1 scene to the next after the point of no return was: "Cancer"Now. But the execution and its rush to the goal line after setting up the characters that were supposed to be in the focus, WHICH changes entirely half way in, makes for such insanely bad and uninteresting story telling. I've been repeating those words countless times whilst I watched this. Feels down to earth and engaging as well as kicking off a potentially good story rather well. But then of course we gotta shoe-horn in some annoying, whiny dude who's gotta just annoy the living crap out of us with his jealousy, paranoia and stalker behavior which ultimately turns him into this rapy dude, who's full of lies and BS yet somehow cares... Its so half-baked you don't even know what the hell is going on, yet he's the trigger figure for putting a spin on things, before him ultimately being this evil vampire figure, hellbent on raping and killing our lead character for...reasons, thus leading to a insanely cringy ending. What is the point in remaking things if you're remaking s.h.i.t ? And I'm so tired of seeing bad directors and poor, alleged script writers ruining good potential for a genre that is on the rise but suffers from these stereotypical Hollywood trashy remakes and cash-ins.Rushiness is typical nowadays, especially with a 80 minute movie. It continues for about 40 % of the movie in a decent, yet sorta rushed phase but keeps us engaged and with expectations. But by the time we cross that 40 % and move towards the Point of No Return everything begins getting awfully F-ing annoying and way beyond rushed. Its so poorly written and structured and just rips us out from what viewing pleasure we had up until this point. Its so painful to watch because its wasting our time with this " Omg you're dating a girl, not a guy" jibber jabber. The movie poster doesn't even make any remote sense. Directly meant to lure people in with Franco's face yet his role is minor.3 out of 10.

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