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Many language schools in the world, organised as TANDEM International, In Tandem Language Learning both partners can meet in person (face-to-face Tandem) or learn by e-mail, phone or other media (e Tandem, also called Distance Tandem), placing emphasis on cultural integration as part of the language-learning process.Learning is supported in different ways, for instance, via worksheets, textbooks or simply informal conversation.There are distinct uses of the Tandem method which promote independent learning e.g.Tandem Partnerships (two people, supported by counsellors), and Binational Tandem Courses (for groups, organised by moderators).Participate online or in person, and learn the language that’s right for you.See our Tandem Facebook Group for up-to-date information: you’ll need to verify that you have a University of Edinburgh email address, so log in with a computer for the first time!

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Tandem language learning is a method of language learning based on mutual language exchange between tandem partners (ideally each learner is a native speaker in the language the proponent wants to learn).

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