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The program was intended to build a connection between the school curriculum and the parents; by sending kids home with a copy of the magazine, they could engage the parents on what was being taught.

In partnership with the teachers, publisher Nina Link donated copies of each magazine issues to the school.

For example, if the show addressed issues about the environment, the magazine did too.

Sesame Street Magazine is designed to be a child's first magazine.

The intended audience includes children under the age of five and their parents.[1] Sesame Workshop (formerly called the Children's Television Workshop) published Sesame Street Magazine from October 1970 until 2001.

The Parenting Group then assumed publication, and until 2008 distributed it optionally to subscribers of Parenting (magazine).

The series follows four characters, represented by bare hand puppets, on their everyday adventures.

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It began as a series of shorts commissioned by the Noggin network during a three-year period in which all of the channel's programming was co-produced by Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop.Both the parent magazine and the children's magazine are meant to complement the show.Every year, Children's Television Workshop developed new curriculum goals to apply to both the show and the magazine.It seeks to encourage the development of literacy, inquisitiveness, and social skills. One month it might be a concept such as number, color, or shape recognition; another month it might be a psychological theme such as a child's need for self-esteem.The magazine has regular departments and features in which many familiar Sesame Street television characters (e.g., Big Bird, Grover, and the Cookie Monster) appear.

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