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At the top of the shopping cart, simply put up your industry standard 468 x 68 banner, customize the background color to match that of your website, add the links and give it a total look and feel of continuity of your site.On your site, list your product or services and insert an 'Add To Cart' button next to this list.The proposal also calls for the toughening of penalties for those who exploit children through purchasing sexual acts, so that the minimum penalty be changed from a fine to a prison sentence.

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What are the types of web / integration interfaces offered by CCAvenue?For new client information, we suggest you start with the 'Why CCAvenue?' Section for a better introduction to our services. C (Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate) for all my overseas sales? CCAvenue is a Commerce Service Provider, authorized as a Master Merchant, by Indian financial institutions, to appoint Sub Merchants, to accept and validate Internet payments via Credit Card, and Net banking facilities from the Sub Merchant's (your) customers in real-time.Is it possible to sell my product and service in more than one currency? We provide a secure link between your website, various Credit Card issuing institutions, acquiring Banks and the payment gateway providers.How is the charge reflected in my customers' Credit Card statement? Please Note: At present, CCAvenue offers these payment services, exclusively for websites owned by Indian entities only. A payment gateway is a software program integrated to a merchant's website to transmit transaction data to the Credit Card / Net Banking / Cash Card / Mobile Payment acquirer for authorization and settlement.

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