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The town was surrounded by defensive embattled walls provided with four gates: During the 16th century there was a development in education in Alcamo because of the construction of new schools and the activity of expert teachers, in particular the poet and scholar Sebastiano Bagolino (1562–1604).

In 1667 Mariano Ballo ordered the construction of a theatre, called "teatro Ferrigno", later demolished and rebuilt during the 1960s; after the reconstruction it was first called "cine-teatro Euro" and later "Teatro Cielo d'Alcamo".

Among the most important people of this period we have to remind Don Giuseppe Rizzo, a priest who founded the bank called "Cassa Rurale e Artigiana Don Rizzo" (1902).

Its most important hamlet is Alcamo Marina at about 6 kilometres from the town centre.creating groups of volunteers in order to help Giuseppe Garibaldi in the battle of Calatafimi and from Alcamo some dictatorial edicts on Victor Emmanuel II's behalf were issued.Some time later Francesco Crispi prepared the Constitution for the lands set free.Alcamo was divided into four hamlets named San Vito, San Leonardo, Sant'Ippolito and San Nicolò del a colony at Lucera, while Christians from Bonifato came to inhabit the town.

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