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Gyms get an influx of memberships, moms begin their […] We shared the secrets to avoiding failure with our audience in an episode of Men’s Talk on SAT-7 ARABIC, and now we bring you the same tips for a brighter 2018!

Fadi Sharaiha, Executive Director at SAT-7 Canada, jokingly sums it up in one sentence: “You can avoid failure by shutting yourself inside the house, […] Thank you for your prayers and support throughout 2017.

But television has an unprecedented power to educate mainstream society and inspire them to embrace disabled persons.

Governments are making some progress passing legislation for disabled rights and raising awareness.

SAT-7 has the right to discontinue or alter the quality of this service at any time for short periods during maintenance or permanently without notification.

Any Internet connection or other costs incurred by using this application are for the users account.

The #metoo hashtag on social media united not only female victims but also many male supporters.

With over 16,000 subscribers, the SAT-7 ARABIC channel easily exceeded the requirements.Web site Use your Internet connection to link directly to the English or Arabic websites. Multilanguage Navigation Choose between an English or Arabic language to help you get around more easily.Note: SAT-7 is offering this service free of charge at the moment.THEY HAVEN’T SEEN THEIR PARENTS IN TEN YEARS AND, NOW, DANCING GIVES THEM PEACE.Download the SAT-7 i Phone application to watch a live stream of SAT-7 ARABIC — Quality Arabic Christian TV Made By and For the People of the Middle East and North Africa.

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