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Member Stenlund noted, with the numerous storms in the area this year already, and the significant Maple Tree seeds, the need to continue to educate citizens on the amount of phosphorus discharge from those seeds.Chair Vanderwall concurred that the storm water outflows he’d observed had been astounding.Chair Vanderwall suggested a school and/or community organization project.Member Stenlund suggested another measure or activity would be to encourage sustainability for construction projects through re-use of those materials with the goal that a little as possible ended up in landfills.Member Stenlund expressed his personal concern that everything possible was being done to ensure temporary erosion controls were being done and enforced, since this is an MS4 City.

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Member Stenlund pointed out several typographical errors in the SWPPP for staff.Water Resources Engineer and Rebecca Nestingen, PE, Water Resources Engineer with S. Discussion among Commissioners and staff specific to the Wal-Mart proposal included the sixty (60) day land use approval process and any potential ramifications in that delay; staff’s analysis of traffic assumptions for the original Alternate Urban Area-wide Review (AUAR) as well as the entire Twin Lakes Redevelopment Area; assurances by staff that any development needs to meet impervious surface requirements and storm water management and mitigation required by the Rice Creek Watershed District and the City of Roseville; and misconceptions with land use regulations between the City’s previous zoning code, much of that code dating from the late 1950’s and the current zoning code.General discussion included soft spots in the newly-applied bituminous observed by Chair De Benedet on County Road C2 with Ms.Member Stenlund suggested adding that information to the report. Dolan advised that staff had resolved some copyright issues, and was now initiating work with a vendor for creating some video projects on those efforts. Bloom concurred, noting that she had just participated in the creation of a storm water video in partnership with the Ramsey Conservation District (RCD), and that it would be available on the City’s website, or could be presented on a future PWETC agenda. Dolan expounded on some education and outreach efforts by staff for parents and children visiting City Hall related to storm water issues, and educating them about where water came from and where it ended up. Bloom noted that this is also included in the semi-annual “Roseville University” program.Member Felice suggested, for groups doing carwashes that some assistance be provided for them to set up their washing area properly; and to make that information widely available since it could make a dramatic impact on runoff.

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