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Every time a character dies that just means the author lacks creativity to give the character a better plot, so he ends up killing the character for a moment of emotion to make some low-life hearthless bastards keep reading/watching it. It's poor writing on the author if he kills off so many character and then at the end go you know what i'll bring back everybody.If you never wanted them to die in the first place you shouldn't of killed them Kodama said: Oh please guys stop with that "people need to die or it's not cool".) and how far into the past the revivals would work.Nagato for example could only revive people who died just a few hours ago though he was really weakened. If Obito had pulled copout no jutsu and revived everyone who died in this war thus rendoring the whole shinobi world war arc pointless I would not have been happy. *now i can fight at full power* wtf is his full power!i don't really see any benefits.tankoubon-feind said:also does madara having a real body really make him more powerful?

leaving only one uchiha, the sole clan that drives the plot. tankoubon-feind said:also does madara having a real body really make him more powerful?

Madara took over so I guess it's ok and more action will come.

:)I was like not again Obito almost used that jutsu to bring everyone back but the godly Madara switch it around to make Obito to use it to him. This was the Trump card that Madara was talking was half the chapter made dark/blurry...i get that they're in a barrier or whatever but that shouldn't mean the quality of art should be ruined for half of a chapter.

That would be too wishful thinking and probably get boring after some time.

And I also think that once a character dies, he should stay dead.

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