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So at night in his dorm room, Maxey practiced his sign language along with the lyrics of his favorite musicians—like J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar—and in 2010, at the urging of a friend, he uploaded to You Tube a video of himself signing along to Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz's "One Night Stand."("One-night stand," for what it's worth, comes out to something more like "one-night fuck" in sign language.In the past, I have stated that I may drop by and he has freaked out. You drop by elderly Aunt Mildred’s house and over gingerbread cookies you say, “By the way, Bob likes anal sex. Honestly, it’s a fetish when you consider how many porn videos he’s downloaded in the last month. (Imagined or real.) You’re not going to get the reaction you crave. Were any goats harmed in the making of those videos? I will never share a Christmas pudding with him again! “I couldn’t live with his girlfriend.” or “He was a serial cheater/sex addict.” That’s very different than Facebook blasting his friends’ list with the minutia of his illicit activities. And after all, the Atlanta-born Maxey is a bit of a celebrity himself.

Because you’re not just fucking with your cheater’s head, you’re fucking with Aunt Mildred’s head. Go no contact and wrestle your revenge fantasies down to the ground. Enjoy that you don’t share space — physically or mentally — with a cheater.

("What they didn't know is that I was turning mine off," he says with a laugh.) So Maxey didn't begin learning to sign until he enrolled at Washington, D. And they would always get mad at me; I could talk and they couldn't.

C.'s, Gallaudet University, the world's only university for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. "I never really knew about deaf culture," Maxey says. It became kind of a hostile environment." Growing up in Atlanta, Maxey was exposed from an early age to hip-hop.

“Who is this horrible woman saying such terrible things? Don’t you have Christmas shopping to do and 15,000 holidays details to attend to like the rest of us? As I’ve written publicly, I had the most violent fantasies of gutting my cheater with a fish knife. Oh, I know it doesn’t feel that way, but get some years out from this crap. The best thing you can do for yourself is just get the hell away from this person, the OW, and his family.

You said yourself — you want to fuck with his head. Ask yourself why you’re giving this douchebag, the OW, and his family so much mental real estate. Infidelity is an injustice and it can bring out the vigilante in a chump. He must be humiliated the way I have been humiliated! Look, being the shithead he is is punishment enough. It’s embarrassing that we were ever associated with them.

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