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Nowhere in the Talmud are the haftarot given for ordinary Sabbaths.Very likely, there was no fixed haftarah for each ordinary Sabbath parsha in Talmudic times.As a consequence, many more haftarot were in use in Israel in those periods than are in use today.From documents discovered in the Cairo Genizah, we can now reconstruct the haftarot that they were using on this triennial cycle.The app automatically calculates the correct reading options for each year (combined and separate sedras, special maftirs, Haftarah and holidays readings), and shows you only the exact verses for the year you want.Comes with audio for the Blessings and Trope charts.Combined or separate Torah readings, special readings, annual or triennial cycle, the Torah schedule in and out of Israel, complicated Holiday readings for both full and intermediate Holiday days, even custom sets of verses: Trope Trainer automatically shows you the texts you need, and puts the end-of-aliyah and end-of-reading melodies where they belong, not just where someone recorded them. **Trope Trainer Mobile App does not include tutorials as found in the desktop software, but does include Trope Charts teaching all the trope combinations found in Torah, Haftarah and Megillot.Trope Trainer is a trademark of Kinnor Software, Inc.

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Variations in custom still exist between Ashkenazim and Sephardim and within each of these communities.A much fairer presentation is made in the Hertz Chumash, p.20: “We possess no historical data concerning the institution of these Lessons.” The Hertz Chumash then presents the “origin in the period of Antiochus” explanation as merely a statement by a “medieval author on the Liturgy.” (The period of Antiochus’ persecution was 167-164 B. E.) Fortunately, the New Testament helps us with regard to dating the Haftarah practice.Buy audio for only the readings you want via in-app purchase.(prices range from US .99 for an individual Shabbat or holiday's Torah and Haftarah readings to .99 to enable audio for All readings.) Audio for a Shabbat includes the standard morning and afternoon Torah readings, plus all special maftir and Haftarah readings read with that parsha, following Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Lubavitch and Italian customs.

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