Good headline for dating site male scammers

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Johnson Reply My email was merged with a few years back following the AT&T acquisition.

I am done using Yahoo and will do my best to convenience friends and family that they too should avoid your browser until such time(if ever), you simply show unbiased news. I know you make money by selling to anyone that wants to put garbage on the site. How nice it would be if a punch in a look up and that is all I would see. Reply Whenever I attempt to print an e-mail message sent to me at the above site a large ad (from a company in which I have no interest) blocks out the e-mail message that I need.

If I can’t get my recover email request submitted soon, I will not be able to recover them.

There is no answer in the Yahoo Help Center for this problem.

please help I need password for fstarnes01 at m new phone number is. Alan also have email fstarnes55 at Reply You people need to check the ads that are being posted on your site as that fake Firefox update has popped up a number of times when I’m on your site!

Some people may trust it because it’s on your site so therefore you are responsible if people are getting their computer infected and it’s your job to check the ads people are posting on your site!

I’ve sent countless emails to y’all always redirecting me back to the same customer service page Reply Hello.

Reply I would not call this a complaint but rather an observation.Reply On Tuesday 6-6, I called customer care and requested that my account be cancelled.The csr said okay and told me I would receive a phone call confirming the cancellation within twelve hours. The next day, I logged into my account (which I shouldn’t have been able to do) and then called customer care again.I need to get into my account I’ve been trying 4 years now..why did they charge my password then request for the new one from me.

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