Funny camping pranks for adults

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For those times when you have too much time, Shift everyone's crap over one tent and send the first guy to the end. Camping is an activity where people go outdoors and enjoy living outside for a few days.When camping, people usually carry some sort of protection for the eyes like sunglasses.Some even carry binoculars to get a better look at the surroundings from a distance. After the campfire is out, take some of the ash and rub it all over the lens of the sunglasses or binoculars.I go to a church camp too, and we like to pranks the guys. and at breakfast, ask if you can show a video and play the video and that will humiliate them.So last year, we stayed up un till we knew they were asleep and we put wood against the doors, we saran wraped the hole capin and put stuff in front of the windows. OK, you've got tents and woods, that's good - start thinking of creepy stories / legends about e.g.Scuzzlebutt and see it that gives you ideas (I'll see if I can come up with anything before summer)Immediately "Tent sabotage" springs to mind - pulling pegs, perhaps remotely with string."Latrine sabotage"?can you tell me all about the locks and windows about the mess hall because in 64 days im going to citta and we are plotting to put up closed signs on the bathrooms, send out fake scavenger hunts.

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For this prank; you will need to save some fire crackers from Independence Day or new years.If you forget to pack some board games or get caught in bad weather, these simple pranks will help loosen up the atmosphere around the camping site.Just ensure that these pranks are done around people so that nothing gets out of hand.Next find and collect some rocks and place them on the bottom and replace all the other items back inside.When they lift their backpack again, they won’t really feel the added weight but gradually it will show up in their faces.

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