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i am looking for someone who is honest, trustworthy, and who shares sme of the same int Hey i'm 21, i'm a pretty openminded easy going person.. just took a test for my wine certification i guess bracebridge Where do I start....

I suspect you are going to need to meet a woman who is as obsessed as you are though, so maybe this would appeal to her. You should hold your head high and keep moving forward. You haven't had any worse experiences in life (at least none that you've revealed here, that would make it any harder than it is for anyone else to keep pressing forward). If someone had read all the way to the bottom of your profile, this is the killer phrase for profiles.But I am not looking for one night stands, hook ups, and/or friends with benefits.So if that's what you're looking for, I'm not the nerd you're looking for.So I was told to bring this to the profile review board do here goes. I'm not new here, but it seems like my efforts to reach out to people and make new friends are falling on deaf ears. There's nothing wrong with having a passion for something, but you need something more that 20 something girls can relate to or talk about with you. Are there other things that you can mention that doesn't involve gaming? It's great to have a passion about something, especially something that you can turn into a fulfilling career, but remember you are here to find a female, not talk about your passion for them.I try to be as expressive as possible, spreading compliments as well as exploiting common interests to try to start a conversation. Your profile screams that you and your potential mate will spend all your time together holding controllers in front of a tv. Try injecting a little wit and humor into it as well. It's good that a potential date know you enjoy this, but unless she's into playing the game with you (and matches your skill level) or is fine sitting and watching you play for hours on end, you are alienating probably 95% of your potential dates by talking TOO much about it, IMO.

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