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Last, they will record their shared solution, and decide whether or not they are BFF's using their own justifications and reasoning.

After about 20 minutes we will reconvene as a whole group to debrief the activity.

This activity happened to fall near Valentine's Day, and was a big hit with my students.

Please enjoy this fun video of the song my students started to sing as they searched for their BFF.

Next, I will ask the class to recall the special solutions that we discovered when we solved linear equations.

I will ask two students to name what they were, and to give an example of an equation that would fit the description of "no solutions" or "infinite solutions".

Students will then complete the Review on the top of today's guided note sheet.

I will ask two students to come up to the front of the board to act as the instructor by talking through the process they used to graph and check the solutions for each system.

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I will challenge the class to figure out which systems have no, many, or one solution.I will ask the students to justify their responses by filling in the explanation below each graph on their paper.Lastly, we will review the three problems, and talk about each type of system: Students will then complete the six practice problems on the back of their notes with a partner.Speed networking (or speed business meeting) is a meeting format designed to accelerate business contacts, generally with a bell.Primarily, the practice involves multiple people that gather in a single space in order to exchange information.

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