Eminem dating black women

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Eminem said in a 2008 Interview with CNN, "I love black girls, they're so f***in sexy!!!!!

" Eminem loves black girls and their sexy dark bodies.

"I went through a living hell," she said in a recent phone conversation, recalling the bald, cigar-smoking St.

Joseph, Mo., doctor who charged for prenatal visits, delivery and circumcision. Although Marshall was a well-behaved infant, Mathers-Briggs said their life was never easy.

First came the runty Marshall Mathers, a quiet, artistic kid bounced from school to school by his overprotective, slightly unhinged mother.

Then came "M&M," later Eminem, the silver-tongued outcast who forsook fitting in with his white suburban classmates to concentrate on breaking into Detroit's overwhelmingly black rap scene.

His alleged victim, John Guerra of nearby Mount Clemens, sued Eminem less than a week after the incident.

For many years he was the only white teen in a black neighborhood of otherwise white and middle-class St. Friends and family said Marshall was a happy kid who had his mother wrapped around his finger.She says she left with Marshall in a rush, leaving their clothes and car behind when they lit out for her mother's home in Missouri. Eminem's father, who later became a hotel manager in California, could not be reached for comment.After several years in which he was doted on by his father's aunt while his mother held down several menial jobs, Marshall and his mother moved to Michigan.But he was also a bit of a loner -- the kind of kid who got picked on.As a 9-year-old student at Dort Elementary School, Marshall suffered the first in a series of beatings that ultimately left him in a coma, relatives say.

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