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There is plenty of solid data on Lima, hence I am writing this sheet to make a case for Peru’s second city: Arequipa, both insofar as Lima-based veterans and first-time Lat Am travelers are concerned.

: Arequipa has very well preserved colonial streets and architecture.

This left Arequipa with comparatively high white (European) and mestizo populations.

In colonial times, Arequipa was home to Peru’s largest concentration of Spanish settlers.

The unique Pisco concoctions at Casa del Pisco and Museo del Pisco are mind-blowing.

The food & drink venues are so satisfying that you could care less about laying your dinner date.

We praise the Phils as a great place for personal development and laying obscene amounts of 6's, yet hypocritically discount Peru simply because there are better looking women in other South American countries.

I think this stems from the constant comparisons of Lima to Medellin, Buenos Aires, and Rio.

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