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Roos appealed before the courts that he needed to marry again to produce legitimate children to ensure that his line wouldn’t die with him, and it was granted, but not out of any desire to preserve his family.Even though the clergy proclaimed that the idea of Roos remarrying and his heirs being legitimate was an affront to God, it was generally suspected that the ruling in Roos’s favor was made to set a precedent that might allow the king to divorce a wife and produce a legitimate heir with another one.Even though her husband had kidnapped their children and gone into hiding, she still had only a few options when it came to reasons she wanted a divorce.Adultery was the usual claim, but even though she had witnesses who would attest to James’s infidelity, the Shakers were all about celibacy.According to Christabel, her pregnancy came about one night when she’d found John sleepwalking, so she took it upon herself to consummate the marriage without him knowing.

In the years after the war, society belle Christabel married John “Stilts” Russell, heir to Lord Ampthill.It only took a three-year court battle and the publishing of countless pamphlets about just what was going on in Shaker society. She ultimately got her children by going to New Hampshire and kidnapping them back, with the help of an angry mob.With the well-known drama surrounding the love life of Henry VIII, the power to grant a divorce shifted from the church to the crown, and in 1666, it was only granted with some pretty strict conditions.Although the news was first broken by a psychic medium, it was confirmed by a doctor, who also claimed that Christabel was still a virgin.The Russell couple immediately filed for divorce, with both parties agreeing on one thing: The marriage had never been consummated in the traditional way.

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