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Paint a heart or something else on your partner's body or body part with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and lick it off slowly, and saying "MMMMMMMmmmmmmm". Tell your partner before you go to bed, or before you leave in the morning, one of the things you love most about him/her (quality, physical characteristic, behavior). Agree to meet at a social event or public place and act as if you are meeting each other for the first time---flirt, make 'eyes' at each other or other gestures from across the room, rub against each other when walking by, etc. Go skinny dipping in pool or hot tub or at the beach. Test drive a Porsche or a convertible with the top down and pretend you are seeing each other although it has been 'forbidden' by your parents. )--be creative in ways to express that, be together, etc. You might want to include something about your partner that turns you on or one of the things you love when making love. Use your imagination---this is a person you are just falling in love with (again!does offer a Free Membership, but that gives you limited ability to connect with other members.Paid members have the option of signing up for 1, 3, or 6 months of use.Because the mall is such a popular spot, there are plenty of ways to have fun, even if you don’t want to spend much How's mission is to help people learn, and we really hope this article helped you.When you apply for a job, a positive referral can help get you a job. Let him/her feel more comfortable about dating you by taking advantage of the Match My Friends feedback feature.

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Next time you kiss, pause, look into your partner's eyes remembering what it was like when you first met. Embrace your partner and gently kiss them fully, letting your lips part, and enjoy every second of it. Take a bath together with bath oils, or bubbles, and candles. You might want to include things that have always attracted you, your partner's strengths, what he or she does for the marriage or family that you appreciate, how your spouse sometimes brings out the best in you, why you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her -- or whatever occurs to you! Tell your partner you that instead of watching TV tonight (or doing work, or fussing with the kids, etc.), you simply want to be with them to talk, snuggle, play a game or whatever he or she has in mind. Go for a walk together after dinner, holding hands and remembering good times or funny times you've had.

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Call your partner unexpectedly just to say you love him/her and were thinking of him/her. Call your spouse/partner just to tell them one thing you appreciate about them. Send your spouse/partner flowers (home, office, hotel room) "just because", or 'thank you for. Take him/her to one of their favorite places -- OR pick up a light take-out lunch and then find a fun place to make love! When you walk by your spouseat home, touch him/her, or give a hug, or caress. Wake up to the day as if it was 'the first time' you were alone with your spouse. Sit and just look lovingly at him/her for a few moments. (Can use candles, incense, longer foreplay, times of just kissing and holding, caressing, exploring each other's bodies by touch, etc.) 14. Enjoy the memories and think about how to bring some of that into the present. Write a short poem (even if it doesn't rhyme and even if you think you could never write poetry) telling of your love.

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