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Talkspace is therapy redesigned for how we live today.

With Talkspace’s Unlimited Messaging Therapy™, users can access their therapy sessions 24/7, sharing updates and thoughts with their counselors throughout the day in real time.

Regina worked with me and my husband for several months.

She really helped us to understand how to deal with issues, and how to communicate with one another.

But psychological research challenges this intuition. Though people often expect more choice to enhance their decision making, we may in fact be overwhelmed by an extensive set of options, reducing both the motivation to decide and eventual choice satisfaction.

In a study investigating this “tyranny of choice” Iyengar and Lepper found evidence of this contradiction.

Others need time and space to reflect on emotionally-challenging questions before choosing how to respond.

This result was corroborated in another context too; offering college students an optional, extra-credit assignment, they found many more students took part when given a smaller selection of essay options.Thanks to Regina, we now have a healthy, happy relationship.Many people have a hard time expressing their feelings aloud.It’s no secret that relationships take work, but many couples go years without seeking professional help for resolving particularly difficult conflicts.Whether you’re struggling with communication, commitment or other issues, our 300 licensed counselors are standing by to help you and your partner work together to make your relationship stronger than ever.

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