Cherry blossoms inc dating

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The flowers are white or pink and the fruit is a pome type, derived from the fusion of the ovary and the receptacle which make up the fleshy part of the fruit.

Cut the apple in half cross-wise to find a star with five chambers, with two seeds each. April 28, 1997, marked the 100th anniversary of this official designation.

” Issac Newton is said to have thought up the law of gravity while sitting under an apple tree, observing the falling of apples.

The expression “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” actually comes from an old English saying, “Ate an apfel avore gwain to bed, makes the doctor beg his bread.” Members of the rose family have flower parts in fives (multiples of five).

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Carbonized remains of apples have been found by archeologists in prehistoric lake dwellings in Switzerland, dating back to the Iron Age.

Native Americans appropriated what they liked, cultivating apples extensively.

There are between 25 to 30 kinds of wild apples grown throughout the world with seven kinds in the U. Most wild apples are crab apples with small, sour, hard fruit.

Apples are sometimes called “nature’s toothbrush,” Apples help clean the teeth and massage the gums.

America’s longest-lived apple tree was reportedly planted in 1647 by Governor Peter Stuyvesant in his Manhattan orchard on the corner of Third Avenue and 13th Street.

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