Alex day and lex dating Sex pussy chat credit

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“I don’t know about anyone else but when I read Alex’s post it seemed (as Marina would say) hella manipulative. Lindsey responding to Alex’s second post realizing he was wrong. Alex has been ‘reaching out’ to (teenage, female) friends. Video: Laci Green summarize the situation, talk about other similar You Tubers and more. Instead of adding links to all of these videos here we will reblog posts about this to the tag 'Sam Pepper Video’. Dodie Clark saying that 'there is more to come’ regarding Karim’s actions Karim denies the posts made about him saying they are 'bullshit rumours’ in this tweet . Sam has also uploaded video/s since the allegations came out about him. Dodie Clark saying that Karim lied to her (presumably when confronted) Hannah Witton saying Karim has gone to LA - we assume it was to see Jason (veeoneeye).

Here is a post about how both Alex Day and Tom Milsom were friends with Jonathan King. - MIKE LOMBARDO / Mike Lombardo Music sexual abuse/arrested and convicted of child pornography Hayley G. Shirley’s tumblr post “I was sexually assaulted by Sam Pepper”. Tianna’s post about Sam supporting the anonymous video. A video Jessi made on the topic.-CRAIG DILLON / craigtdillon accused of rape A video from Tate Wolverson about his experiences with Craig. An tumblr post about Craig by everythingmakesmenerv0us. Craig made a video 'The Truth’ arguing that he didn’t rape Tate. Ten Eighty article saying that Craig Dillon having a lawyer is a false claim A video by Craig saying he was completely cleared by police of these accusations. Another screenshot of an ask explaining how Jake leaked nudes of someone’s friend, and more. An ask explaining what’s happened and linking to articles. Felixx Mackky tweeted about his experience with Craig. A screenshot of a misogynistic post he wrote on facebook. (transcript of it) Alex Day commenting on Ed’s second video. Sarah has been receiving anonymous messages from Alex, but he accidentally sent this one off-anon. Corey saying he’s going to make a video about this. An anonymous ask about what Travis.-GREGORY JACKSON / Onision A masterpost about him and his former relationships. Also note that he’s active online under the username Bit Polar on You Tube and Bit Polar Game on Twitter.-HARRY GILLIATT / The Haz Beck Show / Hard G manipulation Harry saying he will no longer be on the internet. Bekn continuing to explaining that their band has split up. Jenn Hammond’s post about Alex and the Wizard Rock Community. Whitney Lynn’s post which mentions Alex Carpenter, Luke Conard and Corey Vidal. Instead of adding links to every video in this post we will reblog posts about this to the tag ‘Luke Conard video’.-COREY VIDAL / Apprentice A sexual manipulation Shannon Antilles writing about Corey Vidal.

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