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Albanians are friendly people and appreciate this from the counterpart as well.To make a good impression, you ought to smile, have a happy face (in an appropriate situation), shake hands firmly and thank the counterpart for meeting and discussing with him/her.According to Albanian State Police (ASP), through the first 10 months of 2015, the volume of marijuana seizures totaled 6.87 metric tons.An ongoing nationwide eradication effort also destroyed 689,815 marijuana plants on 44 hectares of land as identified by Italian surveillance overflights.

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Albanians also enjoy talking about the different parts of the country and sites to visit.

The Government of Albania does not maintain drug-use prevalence statistics.

Except for marijuana, illegal drug use does not appear to be common.

Show the necessary care in talking to strangers and keep a safe distance.

You might see people talking and conveying a body language at the same time, usually with hands.

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