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Clark, LMFT, a relationship expert and founder of Idealationship.“Developing a pattern of not following through, no matter how big or small the promise, eats away at the trust and security of the relationship.” At a loss for what to say in crunch? Every relationship is different, and it’s understandably annoying to hear your partnership compared to others. “It shows a lack of respect and interest,” explains Dr.

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Even if you share a bank account, it can get frustrating for one person to always pick up the tab without fail, according to Kimberly Hershenson, LMSW.

Even if it’s directed at someone you don’t know, it’s still unsettling.

“It also says a lot about your potential future with this person—that they are very likely to turn the rude button on you at some point soon,” Assimos points out.

“Clingy and loving behavior is important some of the time, but to have a truly healthy relationship, you both need to be able to bring things back to the relationship, and this requires some alone time or time with friends,” says Justin Lavelle, Chief Communications Officer of Been Verified. “There is little that is more annoying than being with someone who acts like they are listening to you, but is reading the latest Facebook post or texting someone back,” says Jeannie Assimos, Chief of Advice at e Harmony. “Otherwise, resentment can build.” It’s definitely a good idea to keep your relationships gripes offline.

“If you’re having a fight or annoyed by your partner, the classy and appropriate course of action is to address it directly,” Bennett says.

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